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Focus on the Right Deals with Pipedrive Integration

Pipedrive CRM is built and designed for hardcore sales teams and individuals to stay laser focus on the right deals and keep you selling.

customer relationship management

Pipedrive is a customer relationship management software that lets you manage all your contacts and documents, as well as your sales pipeline. Get more qualified leads and grow your business.

How Does it Work

Zapup automates your work by merging Triggers (like “New Deal”) and Actions (like “Create a Deal”) to complete an action easily in one application while a trigger occurs in another application. Stay ahead of your sales strategy using Zapup’s Pipedrive integration which enables you to work on series of triggers such as when a new deal is added, when a new note is created and when a new organization or person is added with respective actiions to be created in your destined application.


Create contact

Creates a new contact entry

Create lead

Creates a new contact entry

Create organization

Create a new organization

New project

Creates a new project

Update contact

Updates a contract

Update lead

Updates a lead with information

Add note to contact

Makes a new note to contract

Add note to deal

Make a new note to a deal


New deal

Triggers a new deal entry

New note

Adds a new note entry

New organization

Triggers a new organization entry

New contact

Triggers a new contract

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