Best App Integration Software

Automate your processes and build powerful workflows easily without a developer allowing you to get more done in less time, without spending a fortune.

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Easily Automate Your Processes

  • Build powerful workflows in just a few clicks.

  • Choose integrations from a large collection of apps.

  • Apply app-specific triggers and actions to speed up work.

  • Map the fields and automate tasks in minutues.

best app integration software

Unlimited Zaps

Map and exchange data or information in any form within one application and the same data can be mapped to similar fields in other applications, making data easy to transfer, categorize, and analyze later.

unlimited zaps
pre-defined triggers

Pre-defined Triggers

Help your company to become more agile and efficient in managing tasks and projects by using unlimited zaps.

pre-defined actions

Pre-defined Actions

Access information digitally, collaborate with colleagues in real-time and produce far more efficient results by automating apps quickly.

field mapping

Field Mapping

Connect your cloud apps, data, and services seamlessly to simplify the work process with hundreds of integrations and thousands of templates.

data inputs

Data Inputs

Automate your workflows to eliminate that often-unpredictable human variable. Whether that means automating reports; updating leads, you save time and eliminate the risk by implementing automation in your processes.

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Application Management

Control all your integrations by keeping track of how your apps talk to one another and effortlessly update, remove, or delete your app integrations with the use of an easy dashboard.

application management
app authorization

App Authorization

Authorize apps quickly, and manage them with ease from one place. No programming skills are needed.

multiple app profiles

Multiple App Profiles

Quickly identify the profiles of the particular app integration after creating the flows and save your time. You can add multiple apps with different profiles(name) and make the job easy.

personalized app library

Personalized App Library

Streamline processes and assist with day-to-day tasks with personalized apps, which will improve collaboration across departments while managing the integrations.

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Real-time Logs

Gain valuable insights into your workflows through real-time reports and improve your sales, marketing, and other core processes, resulting in improved performance and productivity.

real-time logs
zap status

Zap Status

Analyze the zaps with the filter option and know the status of the zaps which are executed or failed.

date filter

Date Filter

Filter the zaps of particular logs and view them in a single click. This feature gives you the complete status of the zaps.

zap profile

Zap Profile

Save data about active and completed processes when was the zap started, by who, when completed and how the zap flow went.

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Custom Connectors

Reduce human errors in business applications by automating and making it simple to save time without having to monitor and evaluate data for accuracy repetitively.

custom connectors
visual editor

Visual Editor

Create, edit and manage advanced and custom workflows in no time using a smart drag-and-drop builder to connect apps and services and automate processes to increase productivity.

customized workflows

Customized Workflows

Automate custom workflows to create and manage complex tasks without any manual efforts by using app-based triggers and actions to perform pre-defined tasks.

data security

Data Security

Maintain data security as you transfer data from one application to another, as this is the true measure of its worth.

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Visual Builder

Empower your organization to stay ahead and make your workflows more robust with drag and drop flows and save time on manual process execution to boost productivity without any IT intervention.

visual builder
smart actions

Smart Actions

Pull data with smart actions to get the integration to happen instantly with the help of drag and drop flows.

custom flows

Custom Flows

Allow business to be more efficient and provide better quality work each time with workflow automation.

manage zaps

Manage Zaps

Integrate easily to most popular apps such as Gmail, Google Calendar, Stripe, and many more with zaps and endlessly make the process as seamless as possible for businesses of all sizes.

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Tips to Ace Integration Management

Enhance your success rate with integration management, which ensures processes run smoothly and meet predefined goals.

8 Amazing Benefits of Application Integration

Businesses should consider adopting application integration to achieve high operational efficiency. Before explaining the benefits of application integration, let's look at the concept's meaning to small businesses and large organizations.

How Workflow Process Can Improve Your Business?

A workflow process is a series of steps or stages that are carried out in succession to achieve a goal. By following these steps, you can be sure that you're doing the right thing at the right time.

2022 Predictions: What is the impact of automation on B2B Servicing Companies?

2022 is fast approaching and some changes will come with it. Here are a few predictions regarding automation in B2B services as well as the use of workflow management software.

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What is the Need for Data Integration?

Data integration is an essential service for any company that desires to manage, analyze, and prepare data. It helps in the process of data collection, storage, retrieval and sharing.

What Is Application Integration?

To help you garner a deeper insight into application integration, we’ll define this process further and why your business needs it.

What Is Integration Management?

Integration management aims to ensure that processes run efficiently and meet predefined goals.

What are Custom Connectors?

With custom connectors, gaps in the existing offering of connectors can be filled.

What is Workflow Automation?

Automating routine tasks using a software is known as workflow automation

How Does Workflow Automation Work?

Workflow automation reduces the time spent on redundant tasks and improves productivity. Workflow automation solutions make sure that users can automate tasks easily with just a few clicks.

Who Uses Workflow Automation?

Let's shed some light on what are the companies who uses workflow automation.

Benefits of Using Workflow Automation

Workflow automation software offers some exceptional advantages to the businesses leveraging it. Let’s shed some light on such important benefits in detail.

What is Data Integration?

Data integration is the process of combining data from multiple different sources to make one complete dataset. Data Integration is usually done with Business Intelligence software.

What is the Role of Data Integration?

The role of data integration is to tie together the data from different sources and combine them. The purpose of data integration is to provide a better understanding of what different sources are telling you.

What are the Methods of System Integration?

The methods of system integration are the different techniques used to plug electronic systems into each other. It is important to know which method is appropriate for your project.

What are the Benefits of System Integration?

System Integration is a time-saving technique which utilizes the advantages of two or more systems. It helps businesses to reduce the costs and improve their productivity.

What are the Steps of System Integration Process?

System Integration process is used for integrating different systems or different procedures of one system. This article outlines the basic steps involved in the system integration process.

What is App Integration Software?

App Integration Software makes it easy to integrate apps. You can automate workflows and sync your data with external apps like Google Sheets and Salesforce.

What is an API Integration?

Central to the success of an API integration is understanding how it works and what data your service can offer.

Why Organizations Need Automated Integration?

Automated integration is strategically important to productivity and business intelligence.

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