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Build Growing Customer Relations with Drift Integration

Drift is a customer relationship platform that provides conventional experiences to all valuable customers. They help companies like yours grow through personalization.

customer relationship management

Drift is a customer communication platform that enables targeted customer engagement with your website, web & mobile apps by email.

How Does it Work

Zapup automates your work by merging Triggers (like “New User”) and Actions (like “Create lead”) to complete an action easily in one application while a trigger occurs in another application. With the help of Zapup, pull information from any of your favourite apps into Drift and vice versa by integrating with Zapup. Easily create users, leads and much more on Intercom without any manual intervention.


Create lead

Creates a new contact entry

Create contact

Creates a new contact entry

Update lead

Updates a lead with desired information

Add note to contact

Make a note entry to a contract


New lead

Triggers an update on any new lead is added

New tag to lead

Triggers an update on any new contact added to a lead

New tag to contact

Triggers an update on any new contact added to a contact

New contact

Triggers an update on any new contact is added

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